Janet Chadwell - Auditor

  • Decatur County Court House
    150 Courthouse Square
    Greensburg, IN 47240
  • (812) 663-2570
  • (812) 663-2242

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the county auditor, with respect to the assessment of property, the allowance of deductions and exemptions, the levy and collection of taxes, and finally the settlement and distribution of taxes collected, places the auditor's office in the position of being the most important office in administering the tax laws on the local level. Among these duties and responsibilities are the following:

  1. Maintain real estate ownership records (transfer books) and plat books of all real property in the county.
  2. Provide all forms and records required to be furnished assessing officials in the performance of their duties.
  3. Maintain records to properly control and account for all real estate and personal property assessments and, most important, to see that such assessments, when filed by assessing officials, are not reduced or otherwise changed unless applicable statutory procedures are observed.
  4. To receive and act upon all applications for age 65, blind, veterans', and other deductions, to determine the eligibility of each applicant and the amount to be allowed.
  5. Prepare the tax duplicate and enter all taxes therein for collection by the county treasurer; also, enter all penalties and account for all taxes and penalties returned unpaid.
  6. Audit the tax duplicate after each semiannual tax payment date, make settlement with the county treasurer, and distribute all taxes to the respective governmental units for which collected.

It cannot be overemphasized that the office plays a most important part in accounting for assessments and taxes collected and in seeing that the tax laws are properly administered.

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