Duties and Responsibilities

The Auditor is the principal financial officer in county government who must wear many hats. As a result, the Board of Commissioners, the Council and other officials often look to the Auditor for day-to-day assistance, information and advice.

  • Coordinator of Tax Collection and Distribution – Together with the Treasurer, the Auditor ensures the proper distribution of funds, prepares the tax duplicate showing the value of property taxes assessed against each taxpayer, and delivers an abstract of those taxes to the State by March 15. After taxes are collected by the Treasurer, the Auditor distributes the collections in June and December to the governmental units.
  • County Comptroller – Responsible for keeping accounts and issuing warrants for payment of claims which includes payroll for county employees. The Auditor must prepare the annual financial reports to electronically submit in the Gateway portal; also develop financial analysis, cash flow projections and assist with budget preparations.
  • The Auditor is responsible for many documents: deeds, receiving and applying property tax deductions, maps, and papers deposited in the office.
  • The Auditor is required to attend all meetings of the Board of County Commissioners and County Council and record in writing the official proceedings.
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