Elevator Modernization at the Courthouse is scheduled to start on 7/18/2024. The elevator will be out of service for a minimum of three weeks.  Details (PDF)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervises the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of regulated drains – Regulated drains, previously referred to as “legal drains,” are open waterways, tiled drains or both that serve agricultural, residential and commercial development by draining low lying areas. The County Surveyor establishes standards for and supervises the annual maintenance of these drains. The County Surveyor’s Annual Report assesses the condition and discusses the needs of the county’s regulated drainage system.
  • Perpetuates the locations of survey section corners – Section corners are the official survey marker locations established by the original surveyor working for the U.S. Congress. The County Surveyor perpetuates the monuments and records their locations for use by land surveyors.
  • Investigates alleged obstructions of drains and natural watercourses – When a property owner alleges the obstruction of tiled or natural drainage, he or she must request the person on whose property the obstruction exists to remove the blockage. If the condition persists, the affected party may petition the Drainage Board to order the removal of the obstruction. The County Surveyor investigates the allegation and makes a report at the Drainage Board hearing.
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