Duties and Responsibilities

The County Council has fiscal responsibilities for the county including the following.

  1. Annually approves budgets presented by all county government departments.
  2. Holds hearings to adopt all county budgets and tax rates.
  3. Approves all additional appropriation requests for funding for the county throughout the year.
  4. Approves all grants received by the county.
  5. Holds a hearing and approves all abatements requested of the County.
  6. Holds a hearing for library capital projects for various libraries within the county.
  7. Provides representatives to the Economic Development Corporation, Solid Waste District, Wage Committee, etc.
  8. Makes various appointments to boards.

Council Members

Council members are elected to four-year terms, with 3 At-Large members (may reside anywhere within our County) while 4 members must each reside within their District. Council’s Districts (precincts), as well as Commissioners’ Districts (precincts), may be redrawn every 10 years according to population increases or decreases. For additional information on these districts, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

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