Area Plan Commission

    Debbie Martin - Administrative Assistant

  • Decatur County Court House
    150 Courthouse Square, Suite 117
    Greensburg, IN 47240
  • (812) 663-8451
  • Video Call
  • (812) 663-8459
  • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Online Permitting

To start an online permit application, visit our permitting website.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Office is responsible for the following:

  • Zoning of Property
  • Variances
  • Special Exceptions
  • Pond Permits
  • New Addresses
  • Address Changes
  • Survey Approvals
  • Building Permits
  • Electrical Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Building Inspections

The office covers all of Decatur County (except the City of Greensburg)


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Construction Standards



2016 Comprehensive Plan Update (pdf) 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a building permit?

Answer: For a county building permit, either go to the Area Plan Office in the Courthouse or go to the County Website.

How do I find out how a property is zoned?

Answer: Go to the County Website, under zoning.

Where can I get something notarized?

Answer: Any bank can notarize.

How do I find out septic system question?

Answer: Call the Board of Health Office

Where do I pay a speeding ticket?

Answer: Clerk's Office-courthouse.

Who is the County Surveyor?

Answer: Andy Scholle (812-663-6526) and he doesn't have an office in the Courthouse.

What do I need to get a building permit?

Answer: Go to the County Website.

Where is circuit court?

Answer: Second floor in the Courthouse.

Where is the child support office?

Answer: Second floor in the Courthouse, next to Clerk's Office.

How do I find the County Commissioners?

Answer: Call the Auditor's Office at 663-2570.