Diane Hoeing Wenning - Treasurer

  • Decatur County Court House
    150 Courthouse Square, Suite 138
    Greensburg, IN 47240
  • (812) 663-4190
  • (812) 222-1807
  • Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4PM

General Information

The Treasurer is elected by vote of the county at large for a term of four years with a prohibition against serving more than 2 terms within 12 years. His/her office is provided for in the constitution. The Treasurer is also authorized to serve as the fiscal officer in some cities.

The functions of the Treasurer are to collect, retain custody of, and to disburse county funds. He/she has charge of the collection of delinquent taxes (including sale of real property to taxes when authorized) and is required on a daily basis to enter all judgments paid in the appropriate record maintained in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. He/she collects local and state general property taxes for all units in the county, inheritance taxes, the tax on capital stock and surplus building and each association. The Treasurer is required annually to send each person charged with taxes a statement of the amount of property tax owed.

The Treasurer also collects fees based upon capital employed from traveling shows and non-resident merchants, and fees for ferries on streams bordering the state.

In addition to other functions, the Treasurer serves as treasurer ex officio of the County Board of Education, and as treasurer to the Board of Hospital Trustees in some counties.


Office Created: The Office of treasurer is a constitutional office. The Constitution of Indiana and Indiana statutory law provide for the election of a treasurer in each county of the state at the time holding general elections. (Article 6, Section 2, Indiana Constitution)

Term of Office: The term of office is fixed at four year and no person is eligible to the office of treasurer more than eight years in any period in twelve years.

Qualifications: No person shall be elected or appointed as a treasurer who is not an elector of the county, not who has been an inhabitant thereof, during one year next preceding appointment.

Each treasurer must reside within his/her respective county and shall keep his/her respective office at such place therein, and perform such duties as directed by law.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The Treasurer is the custodian of all money belonging to the County.
  2. Billing and Collections of Property taxes (Real Estate, Personal and Mobile Homes).
  3. Taxes involved in Bankruptcy
  4. Innkeeper Tax
  5. Issuance of tax clearance for alcoholic beverage permits.
  6. Transfer for Mobile Homes.
  7. Investment of funds.
  8. Conduct Annual Tax Sale pursuant to Indiana Statute I.C. 6-1:1-24. Properties for Tax Sale will be certified on July 1st of each year. Tax Sale date will be published in Newspaper.
  9. Search and collect delinquent taxes of public employees.
  10. Send Demand Notices on Personal Property.

Homeowner Hardship Assistance

During pay year 2022 the United States Department of Treasury has allocated $167,000,000.00 to assist Indiana homeowners who have experienced financial hardships related to COVID-19 who have fallen behind or need assistance with their mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowners insurance. Escrow accounts do not apply.

To see if you qualify go to:

Property Taxes

Property Details

If you wish to view your property details, including the amount you will owe for this year, please go to the Beacon website.

Payment Dates

Spring Installments are normally due on May 10th of each year and the fall installment is normally due on November 10th. The State of Indiana sends Decatur County the information needed to prepare the property and real estate tax bills. Unfortunately, in recent years, the State of Indiana has been very slow in sending that information to the Decatur County Treasurer. Once the information is received at the Treasurer's office, the tax bills are prepared and mailed to the taxpayers. The due dates are listed on the tax bills.

Failure to receive a tax statement by mail does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility for payment and penalties and delinquent fees.

Accepted Payment Methods

Taxpayers who pay by mail must include a copy of their tax statement with the payment. If they wish to receive a receipt they must include a pre-addressed stamped envelope.

At Treasurer Office

At the Treasurer's Office using cash, check, credit card, or debit card.

Pay by Mail

Decatur County Treasurer
150 Courthouse Sq Suite 138
Greensburg, IN 47240

Pay Online

At by using your credit card. You will need your duplicate tax ID. Note: If you don't have duplicate tax ID, populate your last name only.

Pay by Phone

You may pay your taxes by calling 1-877-690-3729, with Jurisdiction Code 2446, and using your credit card. You will need your duplicate tax ID.

Personal Property and Mobile Homes

If you have questions regarding your personal property or mobile home, contact your township assessor:

Adams Township Charity Wilder (317) 936-2131
Clay Township David Israel (812) 663-8952
Clinton Township Ronnie Bruner (812) 663-5308
Fugit Township Jim Geis (812) 662-8895
Jackson Township Brenda Shireman (812) 591-2400
Marian Township Elizabeth Fry (812) 805-0556
Saltcreek Township Fred Krieger (812) 212-1961
Sandcreek Township Dan Wenning (812) 591-2037
Washington Township Beverly Rivera (812) 663-5501
Decatur County Assessor Office (812) 663-4868

More Information

If you have questions relating to the following topics, contact the listed reference.

Payment of Bill Decatur County Treasurer (812) 663-4190
Exemptions and Change of Address Decatur County Auditor (812) 663-2570
Assessed Valuation Decatur County Assessor (812) 663-4868